Ever since I can remember I have loved drawing. I love doodling cartoon-like characters, 
but every so many years I feel the "itch" to draw something lasting. 

This is a picture I drew of our two oldest boys back in 2008 for my husband to have on his desk at work. Money was tight that year, and so for Christmas we opted for gifts that didn't cost us anything.

I drew this picture for one of my husband's co-workers that had seen the picture of my boys 
on my husband's desk. It was my first "job" drawing for someone. 
Never did I realize that someone would actually pay me to do something I enjoyed!

In 2015 my beloved grandpa passed away after being in a horrible car accident. It was extremely devastating for my large extended family, but particularly for my sweet grandma. In a dream I felt as if my grandpa told me to draw a picture for his wife (my grandma), At first I didn't know what to draw, but with the help of my aunt compiling pictures of him when he was much younger, I had pictures work with. This picture was such a blessing for me to work on and be reminded as to where my grandpa is now and who he is with.

Although this isn't a pencil drawing, it started out as one. I've always had the dream of writing a book, and put my dream into action. To read more about the story of this story click here, but thoroughly enjoyed drawing the illustrations in pencil, then pen, then scanning them into Photoshop, and then drawing on my computer. Below is one of my boys' favorite pictures within the book...

It is neat for me to see that my talent in drawing has improved these past 8 years. Drawing is just one of many creative outlets, and I enjoy changing things up all the time so I am never bored. I hope all of you have found one or more creative outlets for you, whether it is in cooking, baking, composing, dancing, writing, humor, befriending others, speaking, acting, and the list goes on and on and..........

Here's to us all finding joy in creating!

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