Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Thoughtful Valentine Day Gift Ideas that are Cheap

February is quickly approaching and that means Valentine's Day is too! For those of you that love a certain someone and don't want to go with the usual box of chocolates or the expensive route of jewelry, here are a few ideas that Nathan and I made for each other in the past that anyone can do. The beauty of these are that they are almost foolproof and are all very inexpensive to do. Another big plus is that you get props for making something thoughtful that took you time to do...huge brownie points for me in the love category (and I know for many other women).

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Woah it's been awhile!

Just like me keeping a journal, being an up to date blogger is next to impossible. I'd much rather create on a whim and get around to documenting the creations when I feel up to it. I also find that I am a pretty random creator. Most people find that they like doing certain things like painting, cooking, music and then stick to that genre. I get obsessed with one kind of creating and go crazy, and then get bored of it and go crazy with something entirely different, and then get bored, and go a whole different direction. The nice thing is that I have the ability to do this, not some boss telling me to do certain things by a certain time frame. In the end I do a project when I have an idea and the time to do it. Needless to say, since my last post I have done a lot of things to keep my creativity level of happiness up. Here's what has happened since:
I found this ugly beast at the side of the road, a few houses down from us.