Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Fun and Free Website that Allows You to Change your Home's Exterior

Do you try and imagine what your house would look like in a different color? Or switching your siding, or roof, or even windows? Do you like to have creative control, and see your ideas turn into something you can actually see? Maybe you need to replace your home's siding, and want to see the options as they will actually look on your home. Who knew that we could do any of these things FOR FREE on an easy to use website, that is super fun to play around with. Let me tell you more about Dream Designer, a company I came across online the other day, since more people deserve to know they can now have this creative power...

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Share Your Before & Afters

The #1 reason I started this blog was to share with others that you don't have to be creative or have artistic skills to create amazing things for your home. After gaining encouragement from other's how-to's or seeing cool things on Pinterest, I have tackled each of the projects that are showcased on here. What gives me great joy is hearing that you have gained encouragement from a tutorial on this site and tried and succeeded as well! So it is:
Before & After courtesy of Holly after following "Drab to Fab Piano Transformation"
Every now and then I get a message from my readers with pictures of their success. After getting their permission, I share their before & afters at the end of that specific tutorial to share with all of you that you too can do it.

So if you have tackled one of the projects featured on mimiberrycreations, please email me with your before and after pictures so that I can share them and give others the encouragement they need to try too!

Also, if you ever want to tackle a project, and have additional questions that are not answered in any of the tutorials, please do not hesitate to comment on that post or send me an email.


Thursday, April 19, 2018

Amazing Sale on Paint

Just wanted to share a great deal from Sherwin Williams that I saw this morning on Hip2Save

Click here to be taken to Sherwin Williams
For just a few days you can get 40% off all paints and stains (expires 4/23/18) AND save $10 off $50 when you text COLOR to ASKSW (expires 5/18). Both discounts can be combined!

I used SW paint for our kitchen cabinets, and office built-ins, and wish I had used it on a lot of other pieces now that I know how easy it goes on, and how durable and strong it dries. It is better than the SW paint that Lowe's sells in store, and is the only paint I have found that is water based, yet dries hard like a true enamel finish. With this discount, the price of paint and stain will rival the big box store pricing, probably even beat it.

I have bought SW paint at 30% off before and thought I was getting a great deal--who knew it went to 40% off?! I guess Hip2Save did. Last April, September and October had 40% off deals as well, so if you miss this one, you might get another chance for a similar discount in a few months.

Happy creating!

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Are you Brave Enough to Pursue Your Idea/Dream?

I've been debating about writing this post for quite some time now, and decided that if I share what I've been working on with all of you, I will now be held more accountable to follow through with it. But before I get into what I have debated about sharing, let me ask you something...is there something you have always wanted to do/learn/be, that you talk yourself out of day after day, year after year? What is it? Why do you do keep yourself from doing/learning/being it?


Wednesday, March 14, 2018

FREE Articles of Faith Large Printable

It's been almost a year since I posted this free printable of the Family Proclamation, and since then I have received so many requests for the Living Christ and the 13 Articles of Faith to go with it. Today I am giving you the FREE printable of the 13 Articles of Faith, of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It can be printed as small as you like, but is prepared for a 24"x30" engineering print via OfficeMax or Staples, which are only a few bucks. If "Family Proclamation" and "Articles of Faith" are things you've never heard of before, well then I encourage you to take a second and read them for the first time. I am assuming you've heard of "Mormons" before, and most likely have heard all kinds of things about who/what Mormons are, but equally likely they are untrue. Reading these documents will give you an idea of what Mormons truly are/what we believe, in a nutshell. And if you'd like to learn more, I encourage you to visit here.

To get your free printable, or to read what Mormon's, (members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints,) believe, read on...