Monday, December 18, 2017

Two DIY Family Signs

I came across this picture of two personalized gifts I made last year, but couldn't share since I hadn't given them away yet. In case any of you are still looking for things to give this holiday season, or have run out of money and still have a few more on your list to get gifts for, here are two wooden signs with one's family's pictures you can make too. And even if you aren't of the same faith as me, you can easily tailor the message or picture to something your family is all about.

Items You Need:

  1. Wood piece (varying sizes work)
  2. Paint, stain, sharpies, whatever...I used latex paint for the top sign, sharpie for the letters, and watercolors for the flowers. For the bottom sign I stained the wood, then a whitewash for the temple silhouette, and a silver paint pen for "eternity"
  3. Drill - to drill two holes toward the bottom corners
  4. Thin rope/string to go through the holes, and tie in the back
  5. Mini clothespins--to clip on the rope
  6. Mini photos of family members--I copied and pasted pictures on an 8.5x11 cardstock, printed it out, and then cut out each picture
  7. Picture hanging hardware
That's it! For less than a few bucks you can make a thoughtful gift they are sure to love!

Friday, November 10, 2017

Not Artistic but want to make your own Art? Stencils are the Solution!

One of my main purposes of having this website is to help others realize they can make and create things they never thought they could, and have the happiness and fulfillment that comes when they can step back and look at what they were able to do. Because of this goal, most of my DIY tutorials on here do not include anything that requires artistic ability.

Drawing has always come naturally to me, so when growing up I remember assuming it did for others too; however I remember in 7th grade in my Speech and Debate class, I taught my class how to draw a simple step by step penguin. My teacher's penguin looked awful, and she was the first to admit it. I then learned that drawing, even when simplified, can still be very difficult.

So I don't want any of you to discount yourselves when looking at the wood signs below, because I am here to tell you that YOU can make art that speaks to you for your own home (or to sell), and you don't need to have artistic abilities!

Note: Although this is a sponsored post, courtesy of Stencil Revolution, it provides honest feedback on the product, and provides helpful tips and tricks when working with stencils.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Painting Oak Cabinets (everything you need to know to update your kitchen cabinets the right way AND in 10 days)

I always said I would do it once, and then never again...and now that time has come and gone, and I have lived to tell the tale on how to paint kitchen cabinets. It was a dreaded project that ended up taking me only 2.5 weeks. My project was more burdensome than most of yours would need to be, because most of you don't have kitchen cabinets from the 1970s/1980s, don't mind if you see the grain in your cabinets, and don't need to add trim since your cabinets already have details; however, in the end I am here to share the research I learned from countless articles, which I then applied, as well as from talking to experts, and then applied. I will let you know every product I used, and my thoughts on each, as well as every thing you need, how to do every step, tips to staying organized, and how long each step takes. Plus I will share every cost from the trim, to the paint, to the knobs, pulls, and grain filler. For those of you who hate reading step by step details, just scroll through the pictures and you will get a good idea of how to do your own cabinets, and update your kitchen for less than a few hundred bucks.

Every step and tip you need to know to do update your kitchen beautifully

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Cheap and Easy, Natural Pond Liner

One of the first things we noticed when considering whether to buy the home we are now in, was the waterfall/pond in the backyard. Ever since I had a blast catching tadpoles in a childhood friend's backyard stream, I wanted some water feature for my kids to enjoy. This pond was not a naturally occurring water feature, but still it was exciting. What wasn't exciting was that it did NOT look natural. The "black tarp look" made it an eyesore, and although we enjoyed the sound of the running water, we knew we had to give this waterfall/pond a facelift. Solution: Rock on a Roll. 

Rock on a Roll is an awesome product that was designed by Minnesota based landscaping company, Aquatica Water Gardens. They saw a need when helping their customers with their ponds, and thankfully created a product that solved that need, which they now share with everyone else. Updating or building ponds can be labor intensive and expensive, but Rock on a Roll takes most of the effort and high price out of the equation. 

Let me share how cheap and simple this pond liner cover truly is...

(This is NOT a paid advertisement. Instead it is just one happy customer wanting to share a cheap & easy DIY solution)