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Ever since I was young I have enjoyed drawing. I am excited that this lifelong interest of mine has found a way to include an even bigger love of mine, the love I have for my Savior, Jesus Christ. Because I wanted each of my four children to see themselves with their Savior, I drew Him looking into each of their eyes. I thought that if they could see their picture with Him on a daily basis, it might help them gain a relationship with Christ, which is what I want most as their mother.

Over the years I have been able to give this same gift to others of all ages:

Often I do it as a gift for children when they are going to be baptized:

Or for teens that need to be reminded that they are loved by their Savior, and to turn to Him:

Or for those that are mourning the loss of their loved one:

 Or for any age in between:

This drawing features my old version of Christ's clothing, but has since been improved

No matter what our age, we all need to be reminded that we have a Savior who has given His life for us, and wants us to return to Him. It has been a blessing and privilege to be able to give this visual reminder to others, and I hope to be able to do yours and your loved ones as well.

Here is what others have said:

"I literally cried when I saw her finished product. It is so special, so gorgeous, and so touching to see my daughter smiling at her Savior! This will be loved for generations to come! I also received the art super quickly and the owner/artist is incredibly kind and accommodating. Highly recommend!" -Corisha

"Very pleased with the image of my nephew and Jesus Christ. It was given as a baptism gift and brought tears to those that saw it. Beautiful!" -Harmony

"I absolutely love it! It is perfect! I am so impressed & so happy! Thank you for everything." -Kelli

"From the shapes of their ears to the freckles on their faces...the details are AMAZING! The light in [my son's] eyes is so precious. It's so lovely!" -Kierra

"I am so happy with how my pictures turned out! I had 6 pictures made and the owner of this shop made sure I was completely satisfied! I had sent her two profile pictures that were very low quality. The pictures turned out badly (my fault not hers) she was more than happy to redo them once I sent new pictures. These turned out better than I ever imagined! Thank you Mimi!" -Brittania

"I could feel Gods presence through [the picture]! Before I even realized it tears were flowing and the only words that could come out of my mouth were... Jesus! Jesus! Jesus! It is so beautiful, heartfelt and Lord I can feel it all in my Spirit!!! Thank you so so so much!" -Mika

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