Furniture Makeovers

I love seeing befores and afters. They prove that anything can look great and they're so inspiring!
If you like seeing them too, well then you are in for a real treat.
I like to think that everything deserves a second (or third, or fourth) chance.
With a little love and attention everything can be "beautified."

This beauty was saved from being thrown out on trash day. Keep your eyes peeled for treasures on trash pick up mornings because you never know what you will find.  I used Annie Sloan chalk paint, and one coat of General Finishes gel stain for the top. I have since distressed it and it proudly resides in our home.

 Solid Wood Homemade Bunkbeds
This custom built bunk bed was something I found on Craigslist for $25 that had no picture on the ad. I met the guy at a storage unit and picked up the very dirty, somewhat black bunk bed pieces. I hoped it would fit together, and fortunately it did. No before pictures, but suffice it to say it needed a major scrubbing, sanding, and re-painting.

Family Heirloom Piano Revamped
Click here to see how this transformation took place and steps on how to do it yourself

I got this antique cherry wood dresser for $10. It unfortunately needed a lot of structural repairs. In retrospect I will not repair a dresser in such bad shape again...not worth the cost of supplies or time (since there are a ton of other inexpensive dressers in better condition to choose from when all is said and done. One caveat to this though: if it has sentimental value, and it is already yours, totally worth the time and money in fixing it). I painted it with my paint sprayer with a homemade chalk paint, and then spray painted the hardware with Rustoleum's rubbed bronze. 

Target (like) Bookshelves made to look like Pottery Barn
To see how these bookshelves were transformed click here
Lane Cedar Chest better than New
This piece turned out way better than it probably originally looked in the 1970s when it was made...sorry Naugahyde top, you would have never looked great, (what were they thinking in the 70s)? To see how to transform your own cedar chest click here.

Hideous & Smelly Coffee Table gone Rustic
To see how this piece went from 1970s yuck to a herringbone pallet topped beauty, click here.
 Updated Entertainment Centers
One of my first pieces to redo and sell, this entertainment center provided great learning opportunities. For more info on how I turned this FREE solid wood entertainment center into something pretty click here.
This was a fun and majorly time consuming project that I will never do again, but happy I did once. To see how to do one yourself and the costs associated with it, click here.

Hidden Lego Play Station from Old "Desk"

An old honey oak desk was transformed using General Finishes Gel Stain and Lego Baseplates. Now the problem of Legos everywhere has been solved with a convenient place to play and hide when not in use. Click here to learn more.

Nicked up Dresser Revived using Chalkboard Paint
It is hard to tell from the picture, but this dresser had nicks and scratches all over it, and in the wrong places. It had a big white spot on the top surface too so with some Rustoleum Black Satin finish spray paint and some Chalkboard paint this dresser looks as good as new. Click here to see how to do this.

Ugly Antique Desk Renewed
This heavily lacquered piece was a cheap find on Craigslist. When I saw it I knew exactly what I wanted to do. It didn't take long before it was transformed into something I would actually be happy of having in our home.  Click here to see more pictures on how this came to be.

For more pictures and the how-to, click here
For more pictures and the how-to, click here
For more pictures and the how-to click here

For more pictures and the how-to click here
One of my most labor intensive projects was this Tiffany & Co. inspired hutch. Using the Tiffany blue and silver accents, it turned out super cute. For the how-to and more pictures click here.
My first opportunity in working with a classic relic from the 1950s/1960s. Lots of learning in how to strip furniture and how to return beauty to wood that had been hidden for decades. For the how-to click here.
Learn how regular fabric can cover up blemishes and take your furniture redos to a whole new level of "Wow!" Click here for the full tutorial.

Stay tuned for many more to come....


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