Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Garbage Day Trunk Makeover

Boy do I love projects that cost me a dime! This trunk/chest/who knows exactly what it is called came to be when a friend called me one morning and told me to save it from the "trash man". I love when friends are on the lookout for me, it makes me happy on so many levels. Anyway, I went to the wrong neighborhood at first, and once I realized my error I raced over to this house and pulled up as the trash truck was too! AHH! Blessing in disguise though.
Because he was there I was able to help him load some trash in his truck and he was able to help me load this surprisingly heavy whatchamacalit into my van. As with every project the next step was, "What on earth am I going to do to it?" It was in pretty decent shape considering it was garbage, and it was so functional with a trunk, a cupboard, and three drawers, and so I asked my sister. I always Facetime her (she lives in CA) with my new finds and ask what should I do with _____? (fill in the blank). Personally I don't know why I ask anymore because she ALWAYS says, "Paint it white".
I normally agree with the "go white" motto, but with the leather trim around the cane, I couldn't just go crazy with my Wagner paint sprayer..... I needed to think on it more. I also knew this project would require painters tape (I SERIOUSLY HATE TAPE!) but there was no other way around it...I couldn't get away with being lazy this time.

Rather than just bombard you with another wordy post, I will very briefly run down the steps and supplies and then share a lot of before and after pics.

You need:
Painters tape
White paint (I wasn't choosy...I mixed ones I had on hand) ($15/qt)
GF Brown Mahogany gel stain (since I already had some) (costs around $20/qt)
GF Clear Topcoat Gel Stain (around $15-20/qt)
220 grit sandpaper

  1. Remove hardware
  2. Lightly sand all over with the grain
  3. Wipe clean
  4. Tape off where you want to stain (or not paint)
  5. Paint (or spray paint if you have an awesome paint sprayer). I used a primer+paint latex paint
  6. Paint hardware
  7. Stain (2 coats for this piece)
  8. Protective top coat (1 coat)
  9. Remove tape
  10. Lightly distress corners and majorly distressed hardware
  11. Display!
So now to the fun are some pics for you to enjoy!

Ready to spray paint...

Ready to stain...

And that is it! Sure didn't take very long at all to do either...Cheap and Easy, best combo. I normally provide a lot more detailed steps, so please comment or email me with any questions you might have! 

Do you ever dumpster dive or pick up things on trash day? What were your biggest "scores"? We all love a great deal and we all love seeing something go from trash to treasure! Please comment below!


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