Monday, January 23, 2017

A Record Notebook in 3 Steps

Are you a lover of music? Or looking for a thoughtful gift for someone who lives and breathes music? Here is a simple DIY cheap project almost anyone can do....

And that is it! I bought a few vinyl records at the local Salvation Army for about $1 a piece (good to have an extra in case you ruin one like I did). I bought a ream of binder paper at Walmart for $0.88, and a package of different size binder rings for a buck or two. Make sure you do tape before you cut or drill, because when I didn't, my record broke. Also, if your record's edges are a little rough after cutting, some high grit (fine) sand paper helps soften the record's edges.

How's that for a short and simple, yet fun tutorial?! Now go and "Rock On with your [creative] self!" ;)

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