Monday, December 18, 2017

Two DIY Family Signs

I came across this picture of two personalized gifts I made last year, but couldn't share since I hadn't given them away yet. In case any of you are still looking for things to give this holiday season, or have run out of money and still have a few more on your list to get gifts for, here are two wooden signs with one's family's pictures you can make too. And even if you aren't of the same faith as me, you can easily tailor the message or picture to something your family is all about.

Items You Need:

  1. Wood piece (varying sizes work)
  2. Paint, stain, sharpies, whatever...I used latex paint for the top sign, sharpie for the letters, and watercolors for the flowers. For the bottom sign I stained the wood, then a whitewash for the temple silhouette, and a silver paint pen for "eternity"
  3. Drill - to drill two holes toward the bottom corners
  4. Thin rope/string to go through the holes, and tie in the back
  5. Mini clothespins--to clip on the rope
  6. Mini photos of family members--I copied and pasted pictures on an 8.5x11 cardstock, printed it out, and then cut out each picture
  7. Picture hanging hardware
That's it! For less than a few bucks you can make a thoughtful gift they are sure to love!

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