Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Fun and Free Website that Allows You to Change your Home's Exterior

Do you try and imagine what your house would look like in a different color? Or switching your siding, or roof, or even windows? Do you like to have creative control, and see your ideas turn into something you can actually see? Maybe you need to replace your home's siding, and want to see the options as they will actually look on your home. Who knew that we could do any of these things FOR FREE on an easy to use website, that is super fun to play around with. Let me tell you more about Dream Designer, a company I came across online the other day, since more people deserve to know they can now have this creative power...

Ever since we moved in I have hated our home's lack of curb appeal and color. Unfortunately no one on Pinterest had ever shown me different options for our home 😊, so I had no vision of what our home's potential could be.

So you can all see what I mean, here is what our house looks like now:

The only thing we have done to the exterior of our home since we bought it late 2016, has been to paint the front door to match the trim, and get the grass greener.

Since we are NOT in the position to pay for all new windows and siding, I don't see the point in painting the home yet either. However, even though we aren't ready to change our home's exterior, I want to be able to see what our home can look like, so that I can visualize our home's future potential.

When I came across Dream Designer, they said I could upload my home's picture for free, and they would have someone "map it out" so I could design it. Seriously?! It sounded too good to be true. (I came across another site that would do it for $15, but free is much better in my mind). I honestly figured that after I uploaded my picture that I would never hear from the company again, or would get an email that for $XX.XX I could get my picture mapped for designing. However, less than a week after uploading my home's picture, I received an email that it was ready for designing. Wow, no tricks!

I played around with updating our home's exterior for an hour last night, and went through every thing I could see on the site, and nowhere was I asked to pay a fee. The program gave me so many design options, and was a very intuitive, professional website. Thank you Dream Designer for allowing me to see my home's possibilities!

Here are a few that I came up with last night:

Here's What You Can Do

If you are designing your dream home, you can play around with some of their ideas:

Or if you want to see your home's possibilities, you can upload your home's photo:

It takes only a few minutes, and then you wait a few days while someone itemizes each of your home's exterior features that you are interested in them mapping. I asked them to do all of our home's features (roof, siding, masonry, windows, door, etc), and there was no extra charge.

Once you get the email that your home is ready for you to design, you log back in and go to "Your Projects." Once you have designed one you like, you can save it, and create different folders for different projects.

It was so helpful, fun and exciting for me that I had to share this opportunity with all of you. I am not getting paid by Dream Designer to tell you this, and they have no idea I am writing this article. But when you come across something that is free, that lets your creative juices flow, well it's something that needs to be shared.

So now I need your help...

Please Help me by Voting which one is your Favorite

Which exterior below do you like best? If you can comment below with your vote, (or suggestions,) you'd really help me in designing the updating of our home's exterior! Thank you!

Exterior #1 (fewest things changed)

I kept this picture as a screenshot so you can see how the site looks when you are designing your own home.

Exterior #2

Exterior #3

Thank you for giving me your feedback!

I hope you have a lot of fun playing around with your home's look, and I'd love to hear how it goes!

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