Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Reminder of how Awesome General Finishes Gel Stain truly is

Hello fellow DIY'ers, I was so excited to be contacted by one of you last night about my one of my post popular posts. Do you remember a couple years ago I shared how we not only removed the popcorn from our ceilings, but we used gel stain to cover the painted wood beams that were in our home?

Well, I was excited to get the following four pictures, and this message from one of you last night...

"I recently bought a small place with painted beams (a horrible curdled beige I’d say). Everyone I talked to told me I’d have to sand or strip the paint, or box in the beams with wood, but that was not in my budget or really what I wanted to do at all. After some internet research, I came across your post. HOLY COW. I was so skeptical, but you are absolutely right. General Finishes Gel Stain is the ~$h!t~. No one else can believe it. I used Brown Mahogany and put it on with a 2inch paint brush after a very cursory 180 grit sanding. This is one coat. I don’t even think I need a second." -Melissa

In Progress

In Progress
In Progress

I love that she used the Brown Mahogany color, as I had used Java and it is nice to see that there is another color that looks great on these painted beams. And I have to agree with Melissa, General Finishes Gel Stain is the bomb. It has yet to disappoint me, and proves to be amazingly versatile.

So what have you transformed with this amazing product? Have you re-rustified your painted wood beams? Or anything else that is unique? Please email me your success pictures so I can share with all of our fellow DIYers. I love Before and After pictures about as much as I like GF Gel Stain ;).

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