Monday, August 10, 2020

Basic Invite, a Cool, Custom Company that is far from Basic--Sponsored Post

I love when a really neat company reaches out to me and asks me to check out their product and decide if it is something my readers would be interested in. When Basic Invite contacted me I had never heard of them before, but since I had never before looked into creating custom invitations, it made a lot of sense why I hadn't. When I looked over their website, customized a few things myself, and then received my creations in the mail, I was not only impressed with what they have to offer and how user friendly the whole experience is, but their products are top notch as well. So here are 3 reasons to LOVE and use Basic Invite...

For some reason I am a sucker when it comes to the ability to truly customize something, let alone a good quality paper product. Having a background in art I respect good artistic elements, and I appreciate being able to add my own artistic flair if I feel I need to. To play around with things, I created a thank you card and a Happy Birthday card. 

Since I didn't have any current need for an invitation, yet have a lot of birthdays and thank yous I need to send out, I truly tested Basic Invites customization options. On both of these cards I changed what was written, changed the font and font size, as well as angle of the writing, and played around with color options. They have almost unlimited colors, 180 to be exact, and as you design a card you can change the color of each element on it. What is cool too is that it allows you to instantly see a preview of what your card will look like, (and when you get the finished product in the mail it truly matches that preview). Since I am a sucker for fonts, I was blown away at how many choices there are to choose from. 

Also, their envelopes are cool. Who has ever heard that phrase before? I know I have never said it before, but truly, their envelopes are actually cool. They not only have over 40 different colors to choose from, but they also are peel and seal so they can be closed quickly and securely. I don't know about you, but not having to lick a million envelopes and be afraid of getting a papercut on my tongue is a win win. 

Currently, their company is promoting birthday invitations. Since we all have birthdays every year, it is nice to know there is a place that offers ALL KINDS of invites that feel personal, fun or exactly what you need (like 50th birthday invitations for him--how specific is that?). With COVID affecting everything in our life right now, birthday parties can be a little tricky. But with the weather still being nice, outdoor parties are an option, and maybe you can get really creative and create a remote birthday party? Necessity breeds invention right?

What is nice is that they offer a simple address capturing service so you don't have to contact a million people for their address and then hand write them all individually down. You can share a link on almost any social media platform for your guests to reply with their address, and Basic Invite will print the address at no cost on all card orders. 

Currently they're offering 15% off with coupon code: 15FF51 so that can help save if you have invitations to send out for a birthday or a wedding, or you name it, they probably have it. And if you want to get fancy, they also offer foil cards in gold, silver, and rose gold. Truly, if you can think it, they probably have that customizable option.

So these are 3 of the main reasons I think Basic Invite is worth you checking out:

  1. They really offer TRULY CUSTOM invitations.
  2. They are made just for you---you can create your invitations just how you need/want them, and can even have samples sent to you to feel, look at, and review.
  3. They're a very hands on, helpful company. They are ready to chat and answer any and all questions, and provide all forms of ways to reach them, allowing you to feel like you and your needs are important.

So if you have a moment, and are looking to celebrate something (cuz who isn't?), you should check out Basic Invite.

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