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I've always loved drawing and writing, but because I got more feedback from others regarding my art, I figured I could only do one. However, there's always been a burning within me to get my ideas and words onto paper. 

At first I tried to talk myself out of it, telling myself that there are so many writers already, and they are much more qualified than me. I told myself that I am a good speller, but I am comma happy, too wordy, etc., etc. But then I remembered what I tell all of you, and the reason I started this blog in the first place: if you wanna do it, do it—and don't be afraid to try. 

I never knew I would be any good at giving furniture a new lease on life until I tried. Once I did I was hooked. When many people asked me if they could do it too, I said of course! Here's how! And that's how mimiberrycreations came to life. 

I do not profess to be the best DIYer. In fact, I don't think I am the best at anything. I have always been a very average girl who has an above average passionate side. I believe that if I put my mind to something, continually work hard at it, not give up when things are not going well, and learn from others, that I can do anything. The fact is, I think that applies to all of you too.

So this page is here to encourage me to keep trying, and someday I hope to have my published stories listed on here, encouraging all of you to believe in yourself, follow your passions, and to not give up.


Below is the cover I made for my first story that I wrote and sent off to five publishers. I didn't hear back from any of them. Maybe it is because I didn't notice that: "A Fun Inside Story at How the Body Heals" isn't grammatically correct or make sense. Doubt it. In fact, now that I have studied more about what publishers are looking for, this book had a TON of reasons why I never heard back from someone. I know that Dr. Seuss and J.K. Rowling were turned down by so many before they caught their break, but my story needed more tweaking before I sent it off. (Plus I am not a professional illustrator, and sending in a book of words and pictures isn't following "the rules" either.)


With a "Granee" that really wanted an artistic grandchild, I was constantly given pencils and paper for birthday gifts. With her constant words of encouragement, I started to truly love drawing. Having never been good at choosing or blending colors, I tended to stick to pencils. Until I did the drawing below, I had only shared my art with my art teachers and family. When someone commissioned me to do the picture below of their baby girl, I realized that maybe I could do more with my artistic talent.

When my beloved grandpa was killed in a car accident, I drew this picture for my grandmother, and have since been able to do many other drawings for others as well.


Lesson Learned 

Because of my love of art and my desire to get into advertising, I planned on getting a degree in Graphic Design. As I was finishing my senior year in high school, I went to the alumni web page of the college I would soon be attending, and looked at the graduates' work. When I saw how talented their graphic art was, I told myself I shouldn't even apply, and instead got a degree in Psychology.

I no longer have regrets, but have learned from that naive teenager, that you can't judge yourself against others who have been crafting their talent for years. I have also learned that everyone has something unique to offer, and comparing ourselves against others rarely benefits anyone.

Below are a few "graphic designs" I created for family and friends, because they don't care that I graduated in Psychology instead 😉.

Let Your Fire Burn

In the end, I am learning that the creative process is ever evolving, growing, and building upon each talent or skill we discover and learn along the way. I never knew I would love woodworking until I discovered miter saws, lathes, routers, and more. I never knew I would love drawing until I discovered how to really look at something, and trust my hand to draw what I am seeing in a new way. I never knew I would love writing until I silenced all the inner voices telling me that I am not good enough to try. So here's to us all silencing those negative thoughts, and "discover that [we are] fierce and strong, and full of fire," and to allow our passions to burn brighter than our fears.

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