Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Garbage Day Trunk Makeover

Boy do I love projects that cost me a dime! This trunk/chest/who knows exactly what it is called came to be when a friend called me one morning and told me to save it from the "trash man". I love when friends are on the lookout for me, it makes me happy on so many levels. Anyway, I went to the wrong neighborhood at first, and once I realized my error I raced over to this house and pulled up as the trash truck was too! AHH! Blessing in disguise though.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

"Fixer Upper" Inspired Farmhouse Hutch

Don't you love when things turn out better than you thought they would? In life I would say that that is a rarity.Well whenever I see a piece for a good price and have some makeover ideas immediately run through my brain, I think "I GOTTA GET THAT!" And then once I pick it up I doubt myself and worry that I made a mistake. That kind of happened with this oak hutch.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Pretty Buffet Makeover

I am excited about sharing the transition of this buffet because it truly looks soooo different than how I got it. An acquaintance from my church was moving out of state and so graciously asked if I would like to have her parents' old buffet from when she was growing up. This brown (poo) beast was probably considered beautiful in the 70's, but in today's trend of fresh and light, it doesn't really fit in. I could write a whole post on the many ideas I had for this buffet when I first acquired it, but thanks to family and friends those (horrible) ideas were laid to rest. My sister Megan, who really needs to start a blog on decorating cause she is seriously gifted, shared a picture she had taken in a parade of homes that she said I had to duplicate...