Thursday, September 17, 2015

EASY and DELICIOUS Gluten Free Biscuits and Cornbread

Two great recipes in one post using the same flour mix...
Woohoo for you! Another "two fer one" post. Since I am still in the throes of Fall Festival planning and creating for our church's upcoming activity (posts to follow), I am posting another gluten free (GF) recipe post. Using the flour I mentioned here you can make these two recipes in no time. Here are the two recipes:

Easy Drop Biscuits (turned GF style)

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Golden Sweet Cornbread (turned GF style)

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That is it. Those are the recipes. I use the Pamela's GF flour blend that I mentioned here. It is the cheapest most easiest and delicious way to go when moving to a GF lifestyle and you still want to enjoy bread and baked goods. Recipes turn out better than GF boxed goods, and you have so much freedom. I substitute the GF flour for the regular flour equally. 

I also love and have weeded through the thousands of recipes to find some of my favorites that work well with this flour mix. 3/4ths of our family don't have to eat GF and only do so for dinner. When eating these GF concoctions we ALL love them. No more gritty, sandy, crumbly gluten free items, this cornbread and these biscuits are DIVINE. Not exactly diet food, but are good biscuits or cornbread every diet food? I rest my case. 

Now you can enjoy some more food gluten free. 

Have you ever tried Pamela's GF flour blend? What did you think of it? If you haven't, what are your hesitations or questions? I would love to help! Or are there any other good GF recipes that you are searching for? I might have one I can share. I love hearing from you so please comment!

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  1. The cornbread recipe is perfection! Even better than the box I usually make! Thank you!


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