Thursday, October 1, 2015

Fixer Upper Inspired Old Gate Wall Art

The other day someone on Craigslist was giving away lots of free old fence sections. I loaded up several panels in my trusted stow-n-go van, and then saw that she also had an old gate! She let me have that too and I knew it needed a second life. In the end I found that it was super easy to give it that second chance, thanks to HGTV's show "Fixer Upper".
For a month or so the gate sat outside neglected. However, my brain was trying to think of what cool thing this rusty old gate could be used for. Thankfully Joanna Gaines came to the rescue! One day I was watching what she and Chip did for another family and saw this screenshot...

Cute right? I then knew what my gate could be used for. I debated about painting it white and then roughing it up to resemble the above one, but instead decided I liked the patina of the naturally aged look I already had. I also like the word "Family" as Joanna used, (which I saw for sale at Hobby Lobby for under $20), but thought that a gate seemed synonymous with "Welcome" so I searched for that word instead.

Thankfully Hobby Lobby had it in their cardboard word section for around $4, but it was 50% off so just a couple dollar splurge.

I painted the "Welcome" with a light gray paint I had on hand, and then used wood glue to glue it to the fence. My fence was pretty rickety so I had to add one screw, cut off the long screw backs so it could be hung flush up against the wall, and then added two heavy duty hangers on the back. That's it! Just 5 simple steps that took me no time!
 Don't you just love what nature does to hardware? Such awesome beauty.
 And voila! The gate is happy.
Photo courtesy of The Style Files. Love her decor style. Thanks to Photoshop I staged the Gate where it truly belongs.
So what do you think? What else could/would you use an old gate for? I love hearing more re-purposing ideas!


  1. Thank you Mimi for posting this neat idea. I saw that fixer upper episode too and just so happened my church took down some old gates and fence sections that needed replacing around the kid's play ground. It was headed to the garbage when I said hold up! I want that.

    1. How funny! I love that! What word did you put on your gate? Thanks for sharing!


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