Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Free Restoration Proclamation Printable

I'd like to first start off today's post by saying how grateful I am to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I am grateful to be able to worship my Savior, learn of him and his teachings in the Bible and Book of Mormon, and to have his church (& thus teachings) to bless my life. One of the blessings of this church is that God continues to provide revelation to His sons and daughters, and He speaks through His living prophet when it comes to providing worldwide revelation. On April 5th, 2020, His prophet, President Russell M. Nelson, shared a new proclamation with the world. If you would like this historic document to put up in your home, I have created it to match the Family Proclamation, Articles of Faith and Living Christ documents that I have already made. This document, and the ones I made prior, are sized at 24"x 30," and can be printed affordably through Office Depot and Staples using their engineering prints. I have heard of others printing these files much much smaller, and you are welcome to use the JPEG file as you see fit.

Read on to see how to download this file, as well as get the links to the other free printables.

Although I only have the large printable of the Family Proclamation in my home, many of you fellow members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints wanted to have all four documents to frame and put up in your homes. Because I love playing with fonts, and playing around in Photoshop, making these printables was a lot of fun for me. I know many out there sell them and I hate to take away from their opportunities, but since our family lives on a tight budget, I wanted to offer these for free for anyone else who would like to have them in their home to remind themselves and their families what is most important in life, and what will create lasting peace and happiness.

Because I made the other printables for a 24"x36" poster frame, I made this printable the same size. The fact that the file is a jpeg, you will be able to minimize it's size if you prefer printing it smaller. 

How to get an Engineering Print

Staples and OfficeMax are the two places near me that offer affordable blueprints/engineering prints. Although they can print in color, these prints are often for large black and white prints. I have had them print a large photograph for my boys' room before, but large amounts of grayscale does not come out in the best quality. For prints that are all font, they work excellently. 

Click here to upload the file to OfficeDepot, who charges $3.36 for a 24"x36" print currently. If your computer is like mine, and blocks the ability to upload the file, call your nearest store and ask them for their print/copy email. You can then email the jpeg file directly to them with the size you would like them to print it. They will email you when it is ready for pickup.

Once you order it, they will contact you to let you know when your print is ready.

How to Download:

Click here to download the jpeg file or click image below.

To get the other Free Printables, click here

If you are not a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and want to know more about what me and my family believe, please take a moment to visit where you can learn about what over 16 million worldwide members believe. 

Thank you for your continued support, and hope that you enjoy this fourth freebie.


  1. I love all of these proclamations. You did such a beautiful job! I plan to get these printed:). Thank you for sharing your beautiful work.

  2. I love this!! Where it says that it is a pdf, it opens a jpg file.

  3. Thank you so much for this printable! It will complete my living room along with your Family Proclamation printable :) I really appreciate it!!

  4. Do you have printables that you can use a image on the background?


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