Thursday, April 2, 2020

Now Offering Hymn Lyric Printables & Looking for Ideas

Times sure are interesting lately with the world sheltering in place due to the Coronavirus. For the first few weeks I felt unmotivated to do anything, but as the weeks have gone on, I realized that now is the perfect time to start doing something I have meant to do for years--create printables of hymn lyrics and scripture verses that are meaningful. I just recently created these shown below from the song "Count Your Many Blessings,"

and feel like these song lyrics are extra pertinent for what we are experiencing today.

I have had these four printables on our family's office walls for the last couple years, and received a lot of requests for them.
Ours in our office

Unfortunately the computer I created them on is no longer working, so I recreated them and now offer them in two sizes (16 x 20, which can also be printed as 8 x 10's & 8.5 x 11) for $5 on my Etsy store.

Now Looking for Requests

So do you have a favorite hymn, lyric, verse, etc. that you would like to see made into a downloadable printable? I would like to have a variety to offer for sale on my Etsy store and if you comment below with your suggestion, if I end up choosing yours I will let you have it for FREE. So please comment below with your suggestions, and I will choose my favorites to create and sell, and will let you have it for free if I choose yours. Thank you for your help and support!!


  1. Please create the restoration!!! The same as the large other ones you created ����

  2. I know you posted this request years ago, but I am hopeful you have since seen that it is available now for free too!


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