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4 Ways to Enhance your Kitchen (including one that can be done on a dime!)--Contributed Post

Improving your kitchen is something many people avoid. You need your kitchen to function every single day; preparing food, eating with your family, and catching up with each other about your day. The idea of a kitchen renovation can be stressful in itself for most people; the dust, the invasion of builders and contractors in your space… It’s enough to make anyone turn their back on the idea. But here’s the thing: kitchen improvements do not have to be huge, life-altering renovations which rip out your kitchen at its roots and start all over again. Making a noticeable difference to your kitchen does not necessarily need to involve huge disruptions or bank-breaking expenses.

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During the winter, most of us need a pick-me-up. We all love our cozy nights with candles lit and a blanket, but the winter can make a lot of people feel down due to the darkness and cold weather. This isn’t to say that a kitchen renovation will fix all your problems, but making improvements to your space can vastly improve your mindset and make you feel a million times more revitalized.

  1. Refacing Your Cabinets

Old, weathered looking cabinets can immediately age your kitchen and make it look out of date and shabby. If you are looking for an improvement to your kitchen that doesn’t involve ripping the cabinets out and replacing them, refacing the cabinets provides a fresh feeling which lasts a long time.

How to Update Your Kitchen Cabinets

How does cabinet refacing work? You can attempt this yourself as a DIY project, or if you want the job done quickly and reliably, you can hire a professional. You can find well-reviewed companies who offer cabinet refacing in any major city in the US. 


  1. Going To Work On Your Floors

Flooring is an unmissable element of your home’s decor. Your home can be lovely, bright, homely and clean - but with shabby, stained or worn out flooring, nobody will notice the pretty parts. If you don’t want to replace your kitchen floors, though, that’s understandable. This takes some time and money, not to mention that floor replacement can be very disruptive to your home routine. 


Instead, try waxing, varnishing or even repainting your wooden flooring. Wood is a great, classy and valuable choice for home flooring, but the downside is that it is very easily scratched and worn down. If your wooden kitchen floor is starting to age your kitchen, invest in a waxing or varnishing service which not only makes your kitchen floors look stunning, but it protects them against damage and scratching too.


  1. Accessories To Elevate Your Kitchen Decor

One thing many people forget is that it doesn’t take a lot to transform a space. If your kitchen has a great base decor which is simple and elegant, but you feel it is a little boring or nondescript, you can easily jazz it up with some decorations. These decor tips are easy to implement and can also be very helpful to your cooking too!

  • Growing herbs. If you have any natural light in your kitchen, you can grow herbs inside. If you often find yourself buying herbs in a supermarket, such as basil, rosemary or mint, why not save yourself the trouble and grow them yourselves? You can keep these in your kitchen on a shelf or windowsill, and they will add a drop of life into the room. Plus, if you are cooking and need a little extra something to flavor the food, you can go right ahead and cut a few sprigs from the plant growing in your kitchen.


  • Brightly colored pots or accessories. Not everybody wants a bright, intensely colored kitchen which looks like it’s straight out of a Disney movie. That’s understandable. If you like an understated look in grey, brown or white tones, you might still want to consider a few brightly colored pieces to add to the space. These could be a bright casserole dish, a bunch of flowers on the counter or funky mugs. These simple changes can dramatically warm up your space 


Sprucing up your kitchen this winter does not have to cost your savings or disrupt your life. Use this helpful guide to pick up your kitchen and give your home the revitalization it needs!

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