Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Interior Design Styles have been Changing--Does your Space need an Update? (Contributed Post)

Remember December 2019? Yeah, that was a more peaceful time for the interior design world. If you follow the scene, you will have known that an earthquake was occurring. It wasn’t a surprise at all, it was actually a changing of the guard. If you weren’t paying attention, the gist of it is, the sharp clean lines of the contemporary, minimalist, industrial and postmodern designs and styles, were going out the window. A return of more curves, complex shapes, form over pure function, and more personality was taking over. It had been 10 years at least since we saw the latter but it was a welcome revival of such styles. But, older styles weren’t coming back, we were in the midst of creating a new style, merely taking inspiration from the others. So, let’s get back to this task and finish the transition!

A new bathroom

The bathroom is very often, the last room to get updated. It's not really a showpiece room, is it? The family room, kitchen, and dining rooms always get more praise from guests, so that’s where we pour all of our creativity. But we cannot leave any room behind! 

Start off with new but cheap bathtubs which you can just drop in. These drop-in bathtubs, like the TOTO, KOHLER, and Mansfield are brilliant choices. The square and oval shapes can fit almost any room. The square gives you more room in the bath, but sharper edges so may feel it's easier to slide in. An oval shape is better for those that want more side support and can fit into small rooms.

Another addition to make in the mirror. Yes, the mirror. It's not just purely practical, it can shape the way the light is in the room, making it brighter around the room or just located in one spot. Check out the LED-lit mirrors which have lights around the edges rather than a lamp underneath. These are excellent for saving money but more stylish than just a ceiling light.

A classy living room

A classy living room will consist of one new thing. A blue suede sofa. Blue is the new color in the household that is fighting to take over the turf that white has held for over a decade. We are all neutral junkies. The modern home is filled with white, cream, black, and grey. Aren’t you just so sick of it!?

So, start off with a curvy classic Chesterfield sofa, in the blue of course. The blue is regal and the traditional color of royalty. A fabric sofa in the form of suede or perhaps velvet would be excellent. The Chesterfield buttons will give you the support you need, but not wrinkle your clothes as it was designed for classic lounge rooms for men who wore suits.

Another item you should add is a grandfather clock. This amazing addition can be found in antique shops but also bought brand new, even though the best options will be thousands of dollars. The Victorian Era designs are the best.

Floral makes a comeback

If you love nature and floral patterns, you will love the latest comeback kid. You know him, you’ll recognize him, he’s the floral bedroom style! You can see how awesome some floral wallpaper is for your bedroom, as it's not overpowering, can be dominated by one block color, and yet still have bright and vibrant flowers. 

You can also add a floral bed sheet set, for your duvet, bed, and pillows. The types of floral patterns that are making a comeback are more the classic nature. It's not about pastel florals anymore. Now, we want bright yellow, blue and pink tulips, and of course, white roses and bell bottles. It's nice to have floral patterns for the wall and your bed, but it's a daring challenge to have them for our lampshade, headboard, towels, and even your area rug. 

Rugs and more rugs!

The area rug has been kicked to the curb for a few years as more and more people start to buy new central heating systems. With modern thermostats, you can set each room’s temperature and keep your home nice and warm without the need to set the heating too high. However, the area rug is not just for warmth, it's there for style. It can be a statement, a symbol, and a plinth on which you confess your style.

The most popular area rug styles are the Mediterranean such as the Italian orange and yellow rugs. The Arabic style is one of the most popular because of its traditional manufacturing method and brilliant patterns. The other area rug that is very popular is the British style, mainly from North England. Shaggy sheep’s wool is used to heat a room but also, give you a layer of style and depth that cannot be done with anything similar. 

Geometric ornamentation

As the interior design world has been in search of a new style, older styles have been cropping up everywhere in the hopes we draw some inspiration. The classic 1920s Art-deco style gave birth to what is now known as a geometric design. 

It's not a style that everyone likes, but bits and pieces of it in the form of ornamentation are quite palatable. Consider geometric show boxes, which can be used for unique storage, but are mainly for show. These can be placed in window sills and ledges. You can also get geometric patterns for your backsplash in the kitchen. The bichrome tiles in a rhombus design are very popular, but you can also get a geometric wallpaper design for your bathroom. Geometric lamps are incredibly popular because they are minimalist yet also classic. They usually use bronze and iron as their main material.

We highly recommend that you keep exploring new interior design styles and make new additions to your home. Let’s not allow the virus to stop us from enjoying our love for home design and style. We will keep the ball rolling and allow new ideas to rise.


  1. In the process of redoing my small home. This really changes my thinking of a particular style. Mixing design styles is definitely the most exciting. Thanks for all the inspiration.


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