Pallet Creations

I just love pallets because you can do so much with wood, and pallet wood has so much character. Wood is spectacular in itself, but add free to it and you have a winning combination! Here are some of the many things I have done with this reclaimed wood. Many more coming soon!

Collapsible easel style birthday sign that goes in your front yard. Write the birthday boy or girl's name in the chalkboard banner & advertise to your neighbors when it is your special day!
If you want to know how to turn a pallet into art click here. Although I often make things that suit my fancy for either our home or to re-sell, I can make custom pallet signs and art too! If you have something in mind let me know by sending me a message. (I am cheaper than you probably think!)


  1. Mimi these are beautiful! Wish you lived close by so I could buy those frames and clock.

    1. Great to hear from you Emily! I wish you lived closer too, but for many more reasons than that! Thanks for liking the frames and clock :)


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